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Bhopal – The City of lakes | blog by The Bearded Traveller

Most of you who would be reading this right now belongs to India,  probably knowing that Bhopal is the capital city of the state popularly known as the ‘HEART OF INDA’. My family roots are itself from Bhopal, but there is very little I know about it which made me come up with a travel vlog where I can share some rarely known facts about Bhopal- The city of Lakes.

Upper Lake/ Bada Talaab

Upper Lake which is currently named as Bhojtal was built by the ruler Raja Bhoj. There is a legend behind building the largest artificial lake. The king Raja Bhoj experienced a skin infection which couldn’t be restored by the Doctors. At that point, one day a saint told the ruler to assemble a tank which involves 365 tributaries and afterward have a bath in it to clear out the skin infection.

Upper Lake draws in tourists due to its scenic beauty. The Boat Club on its eastern side offers various water sports such as kayaking, canoeing, rafting, water skiing, parasailing etc.

Taj-ul-Masajid- Asia’s Largest Mosque

Bhopal is prominently known as the city of Lakes. But, not many people know that it is otherwise called the city of mosques because of various notable historic mosques present all around the city. You would be surprised to hear this however the biggest mosques of India happens to be in Bhopal, it is called Taj-ul-Masajid which means ‘Crown among the Mosques’. Being present in the capital of India many believe that the Jama Masjid of Delhi is the biggest, however, it’s not true, though the architectural design is the equivalent.

Another interesting fact about the mosques of Bhopal is that all the mosque were built by the female ruler of their time.

 Chowk Market

If you are a female who is reading this, then you need to concentrate more because Chowk Market is the go-to place if you are looking for traditional Bhopali crafts, exquisitely fashioned beadwork, Maheshwari and Chanderi sarees, embroidered and sequined velvet cushions and purses. Located in the center of the old city, this market rings around Jama Masjid. Narrow lanes will guide you to the shops of silver and gold jewelry. One important tip you need to remember is to go with a person who is excellent at bargaining. If you are in the city, this market is an exciting place to visit, especially if you want to take back relics of traditional Bhopali craftsmanships.

Dhai Seedi Ki Masjid- Asia’s smallest Mosque

Well, I think it is needless to say that Bhopal holds the record for having Asia’s largest and the smallest mosque. The Masjid of Quilla Fatehgarh is the smallest mosque in the whole world located near Taj-ul-Masjid, in the courtyard of the Hamidia Hospital. Dhai Seedi ki Masjid stands on the top of an old fortification tower of fort Fatehgarh built in the 1720s by Dost Mohammed Khan. To hear more about the story behind the construction of this masjid, scroll down to watch my Bhopal vlog.

Manua Bhan Tekri

One thing which I like to find out on my visit to any city is the highest point from where I can capture the aerial view of the city during Sunset and Sunrise. Located 7km away from the main city, Manua Bhan Tekdi is the highest point which is also famous for a Jain temple. One can reach here by car, two-wheelers or ropeway.

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